The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack Review

Went to see The Dark Knight Rises on Friday, was truly an amazing film. So I'd thought I'd start things off by reviewing the soundtrack, one of the best parts of the film with Hans Zimmer outperforming as usual.

I own and love both the Batman Begins score and The Dark Knight score but this score takes it all to a whole new level. It is roughly 52 minutes long and features 15 tracks. It is not an all-out action score by any means, but the action music is exceptionally good. The whole score basically flows through meditative aggression, darkened depression and energizing, forceful action. I love the repeated chant and the unspontaneous brass screeching that is maintained at length without interruption reflecting the entrance of The Dark Knight. I love the way Hans Zimmer highlights the sullen low-spirited feeling and oppressive feelings of gloom and inadequacy throughout this score.

Out of all the tracks one particularly stuck out to me and that was `Imagine The Fire'. It is the lengthiest track on the score (7:25) and Hans Zimmer is truthfully at his best here. This track has an epic and heroic style that just keeps on asserting Zimmer's engaging chaos. This track starts off with full power action music with all of Hans Zimmer's hallmark flair driving it forward. `The Kraken'-like sounds from his Pirates of the Caribbean films surfaces, followed by a mix of a altered choral Batman theme progression, the Bane chant and the fresh line of horns blaring. The theme develops to the heroic line with the Bane intonation undercurrent. I can only describe this track as the finest action track on this album and unquestionably, one of the greatest pieces of action music I have ever listened to!

The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack feels fresh even though it is based on the previous Batman scores. It rises to a new music level for me and is nothing short of brilliant. Hans Zimmer has added some outstanding explosive stuff that keeps you coming back for more. A Must Buy!

I'm Back!

Finally caught up with all college work. Can finally get this blog back on track. Look forward to writing new reviews and posts about the music I love, gonna be posting about 3/4 times a week so keep your eyes out.