News: Dave Grohl not F***ing doing Glee

Dave Grohl has ripped apart Glee Glenn Murphy, about bands who don't to do their show.

Taking particular offence to Murphy's critique of Kings of Leon, and Slash of Guns 'n' Roses

Reported in The Hollywood Reporter, Grohl explained to drummer Taylor Hawkins: "The Glee guy, what a f***ing jerk. Slash was the first one. He wanted to do Guns 'n' Roses and Slash is like, 'I hate f***ing musicals. It's worse than Grease.' Then [Murphy's] like, 'Well, of course he'd say that, he's a washed up ol' rock star, that's what they f***cking do.' And then Kings of Leon say, 'No, we don't want to be on your show.' And then he's all like, 'Snotty little assholes...' And its just like, Dude, maybe not everyone loves Glee. Me included."

Glen Murphy hasn't done himself any favours by lambasting people who refuse to do his show, with The Foo Fighters no doubt being the first of many.


Sinner said...

Dave Grohl is so awesome.

yesac95b said...

nice,some peoples kids i tell you

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