Review: Cold War Kids - Mine is Yours

Cold War Kids are an American indie rock band from Long Beach, California. Mine is yours is the third album released by them in January of this year.

Just like CWK's 2010 EP release "Behave Yourself", which was a definite shift in direction from their previous sound, "Mine Is Yours" continues that journey. I will admit it takes a few runs to grow on you - but after that 3rd listen, oh does it ever! Yes, it's a more mainstream sound, but it's still the CWK's we know.

I am a fan of each and every album CWK's have released thus far and as I'm sure many of you will agree, each one took some time to become accustomed to. I am dumbfounded by some of the negative reviews on "Mine is Yours". I can only assume those critics have jumped the gun after only a quick initial listen. Or maybe they are the most extreme, sadly depressed "stock-indie-hipster" folks who feel CWK's pulling away to find some mainstream success will leave them left alone in the dark to sulk.

The best thing CWK's could have done with this album is evolve, and that they did. In the song "Royal Blue" Nathan Willet sings, "why would I stick around, why would I get burned out, oh why would I... I'm always looking for a way out... with the sky as my roof". The lyrics here seem to directly reflect CWK's passion to break free from the "indie" stigma and the trap many indie bands fall into. A trap they ironically build themselves.

Too many other indie bands try and recreate the original sound that gained their initial popularity over and over again. As good as The National are musically, please, change it up. Make me feel happy for once. I get sad every time I hear Matt Berninger open his mouth. It's not that he doesn't have a great voice. It's just the same old depressing lyrics and sound. It's that way through all seven of their albums. As far as I'm concerned they aren't going anywhere creatively. Those type of bands quickly become the newest stale thing out there. They become stuck about as fast as Slant Mag, NME and other sub-par online critics can jump behind their computers and give praise to them for churning in the same old stuff. It's almost like they're saying, "Hey great job! Keep it up! Don't gain success! I need you to stay right where you are forever so I have something to write about!" In the meantime they castrate bands like CWK's and KOL who try and evolve. CWK's should be proud to have taken their sound to the next level. They would have been left behind to go stale otherwise. With "Mine Is Yours", the band is introducing to the mainstream what their unique sound is all about. Do yourself a favor, spend the 10 quid and make your own decision on this one. You will be happy you did.

Check out what is in my opinion the best song on the album.


Merkin said...

I agree with what you said about indie bands not being experimental, a lot of them stick to a tried and true formula and end up losing a lot more of the casual listeners since they are releasing an identical song every time.. A non-indie example of this is Ke$ha.. Although, she is just a bad singer anyway.

TheLanderson27 said...

cold war kids are pretty good, thanks for the review!

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Merlyy said...

Nice review and nice track


fromthestars said...

Nice review! I would like to see more!!

Elsie Dollheart said...

You're welcome for introducing you to that song ;P

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