Review: Fleet Foxes - Sun Giant EP

Have had this review sitting on my hard drive for a goood while. Throwing it up now.

In the words of Amazon
"Seattle's Fleet Foxes make such complex, harmonic, 70s inspired folk-rock, it's hard to believe that the band's principle songwriter, Robin Pecknold, is only 21 years old. There's a moment on David Crosby's "Laughing" where Cros, Joni, and the whole gang hit a harmony that might be the most gorgeous moment in the history of recorded music."

The Fleet Foxes' Sun Giant EP album is a lush blend of baroque-folk-rock-choral harmonies. And, yes, the Beach Boys, CSNY...60s-70s pop influence is apparent.

The most obvious for me is "Drops in a River". The instrumentation barrows a lot from David Crosby's "Laughing". "English Home" has some Beach Boys phrasing. Listening to "Sun Giant" and "Mykonos", you get a hypnotic rhythm reminiscent of the pop tunes from the Zombies, the Association or the Youngbloods.

Lead singer/composer Robin Pecknold's lyrics have a post-modern, non-linear quality. At once, poetic and open to interpretation. I can certainly see the Pacific-Northwest region of the US in some of the lyrics.

Is the Sun Giant EP worth owning? Hey, if you like this genre of music or the Fleet Foxes other songs from their Fleet Foxes album, you'll want this one.

Despite their youth (early 20s), there's a maturity in their song-craft that belies their age. You can almost anticipate greater things are ahead for them. For now though, give these guys a listen and enjoy the brilliance of Sun Giant. I guarantee you'll be playing their songs over and over. I know I haven't since I first heard them on the Radio

Here's the lead single from the EP,the song Mykonos,which also features on the movie Due Date.
It is a song i guarantee will stick with you


rbtb said...

woah what is going on in this song!

I will have to check out their other stuff!

steweneweduk said...

Awesome video, very creative!

Truth said...

Great video :)

SPojs said...

Saw Fleet Foxes live, pretty good set ;)


Sinner said...

Wow, this is a good tune.

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